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About SHS Sevenoaks, Tonbridge & West Malling

About Seniors Helping Seniors Sevenoaks, Tonbridge & West Malling 


At Seniors Helping Seniors elderly home care means improving the lives of others. We positively change how “seniors” are treated, changing what is expected along the way in elderly home care.

In-home care service helps seniors and their families by offering compassionate, loving care from fellow seniors who they can trust and relate to.

Our services are flexible, and they are built around our clients and customers. No job is too big, and no job is too small, and every family’s budget is accommodated.

Every office of Seniors Helping Seniors is a family owned and operated franchise, owned by selected individuals who have been carefully chosen because they have the right public-spirited attitude to make a real difference in their community.

About the owners

Tim Heaney (to the right) and Christian Wilse shaking hands on the deal to transfer the business to Tim and Jenny Heaney 

Home care services Tonbridge |Tim Heaney and Christian Wilse

Keith & Barbara Reddy launched the office in 2018 building a wonderful group of Companions and building an outstanding business. Jess joined the team as care manager in December 2021 to manage Seniors Helping Seniors – Sevenoaks, Tonbridge & West Malling.

The area is bounded on the North by Swanley, the South by Edenbridge, the West by Westerham and the East by Aylesford, covering the inner and surrounding villages too. The team has been able to support people outside this area too, always doing their best to help.

In June 2022 Keith and Barbara retired and transferred the business to Tim and Jenny Heaney who also run the Guildford, Woking and Godalming office. Tim and Jenny run both offices simultaneously with the help of the care managers.

The entire team is delighted with the new owners and happy to see Keith and Barbara head off to retirement confident that their clients and their carers are in kind and capable hands.

Keith says, “the best part of being a franchise partner is the comfort of being part of something greater than yourself. Barbara and I have followed how Tim and Jenny work and we know them to be outstandingly kind people and expert carers. We also know they have the same support from Seniors Helping Seniors UK and Seniors Helping Seniors in America, as we have enjoyed.  Sally and Christian Wilse have helped us to achieve our goals and Barbara and I are moving into retirement very proudly and we will stay in touch with everyone.”

Tim says, “the care team here is outstanding and Jenny and I are excited to support them. We’ll be meeting the clients in person and we can’t wait to hear their stories. The area is rural and is undersupplied with reliable care services, so we look forward to helping. The company has earned a huge amount of trust from organisations supporting the elderly and those living with dementia in particular and we are excited to pitch in.”

What inspired you most about Seniors Helping Seniors?

Tim: “Our key driver to own a Seniors Helping Seniors franchise was the opportunity to offer a much needed “everyone wins” elderly care service. The carers we recruit are stunning people and my job is to support them properly. Our carers in Guildford are a dream team and the team is growing every week. Keith and Barbara have built an amazing team and I feel honoured to have been selected to support them and to take the business forward.  We will support the team and the area’s ageing population long term and we’ll be offering new services.

As seniors ourselves, Jenny and I like the idea of helping:

  • Seniors who need help
  • Seniors who would like to help
  • And families who live too far away to visit relatives regularly but would like the assurance that their relatives are well looked after.

It is widely accepted that it becomes more difficult for over 50s to secure meaningful roles in society today, particularly if they don’t want to work full time. We’ve been successful in Guildford and we have the capacity to help more people find fulfilment through flexible well paid work by building here.

Providing much needed employment 

Becoming a Seniors Helping Seniors carer with complete control over working hours, and the type of work they do, gives people new purpose with the added bonus of supplementing their incomes.  As the cost-of-living sores, people can work as much or as little as they like.

The services Seniors Helping Seniors provide are non-medical, non-personal care. They are the essential services people need to remain in their own home. Services such as companionship, transportation, shopping, light housework, housekeeping and laundry, pet care, gardening and general help around the home and garden.  It’s about having company and support to enjoy life to the full, whatever that means to each individual.  We don’t dictate what we do. Our clients choose. We do have lots of suggestions!

What experience do you have?

Tim trained as a carer after a career in high-end international retail management. Tim’s experience of caring and his management experience made him an ideal choice for this fast-paced change orientated role that requires heart and sensitivity.

Jenny’s career in teaching proves patience and relational skills, heart and humour.  Jenny and Tim are a passionate, knowledgeable, highly skilled, reliable team.

How do you believe Seniors Helping Seniors is different from the other services?

Seniors Helping Seniors elderly home care is different in so many ways!

  • Through the active recruitment of life experienced people to become carers.
  • In our meetings to understand the client, their likes and dislikes, their passions and their wishes.
  • In matching our carers to ensure mutual interest and empathy.
  • In award winning customer service. Courtesies like introductions and not rushing in for a 15-minute visit without time to do anything much and having no chance of ever building a relationship.
  • Finally, we are different in having no minimum hours or restrictive contracts and being completely flexible in the hours our clients can book. One hour a week or 24 hours a day.  The only thing we set is the minimum visit time of one hour to ensure a meaningful visit every time.

All of these reasons are why Seniors Helping Seniors carers enjoy their role and more often than not build friendships whilst caring for their clients. Every single Seniors Helping Seniors carer is carefully selected to ensure they have similar interests to their clients thereby promoting natural conversation and friendship. Carers work when they want to and have our support and back up. Everything is made super easy and fuss free.

The Seniors Helping Seniors elderly home care franchise came to us as a real breath of fresh air. We have been successful in Guildford, Woking and Godalming and we were delighted to have been selected to take over Keith and Barbara’s team.

Seniors Helping Seniors unique standards of care are provided by one person or a small team who enjoy the work they do and have no time pressures. This is a very special quality and one that feels natural and right. We are pleased to invest in Seniors Helping Seniors because it’s about self-esteem, getting the work done to the highest standard, giving peace of mind, restoring confidence, participation, having fun, getting people out and about and engaged and giving great value for money.

Our Mission

Our non-medical care focusses on keeping well.   Preventing crises is very much right-place, right-time in the UK.

The cost benefits and efficiencies in our processes secure our sustainable domicilary elderly care business model. 

All our services are delivered with sincere companionship because our focus is same-person care and carefully matching carer to client.

Fully managing all elements of service provides outstanding customer experiences and supports outstanding carers.

Our carers are staying active, staying social, and staying financially stable with an hourly wage which is above the Living Wage. Our franchise partners make money through doing good. 

The teachable business model exemplifies profit with purpose, empowerment, inclusivity, self-governance, thought leadership and the value of local expertise.


"We have been using the services of Seniors Helping Seniors for over 4 years and have been really pleased with the care and attention the team have always given to Mum. Nothing has ever been too much trouble and the team have often gone above and beyond to ensure that Mum was comfortable in her own home for as long as possible.

They often shared lots of laughs and fun times as well as caring for her emotional and physical needs and it always left us reassured that she was in the best of hands.

They are a very flexible team and always willing to help out when additional support was required putting the needs of Mum first. A special thanks to Eileen and Simone who have been on the journey with Mum and become more than a companion to her, they have become good friends. A very caring exceptional company. "


"Our Mum is suffering from severe dementia and although we take on a lot of the care ourselves, we needed some extra help in the afternoons. The care from SHS has been outstanding. All the carers have been great with Mum, taking her for a drive, a cup of tea and a piece of cake when able which is her favourite thing to do.

We have received photo’s of Mum from the carers of Mum while she is out and she always looks so happy. She can’t wait to go with them! Teresa provided Mum with a photo book at Christmas – such a lovely thing to do and Mum treasures this. Tina has been great also - always there to help co-ordinate and offer support.

We really cannot fault the care received. We know Mum is in safe hands and Dad can have a rest while she is out. Highly recommended! Joanna, Karen and Nicola."


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