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Respite care Tonbridge

Respite Care Tonbridge, Malling and Sevenoaks

Are you a carer for an elderly family member looking for respite care Tonbridge and the surrounding area? Supporting people living with challenging conditions like Alzheimer’s, means the likelihood is you rarely think of yourself even when people ask you to. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Are you able to prioritise your own wellbeing?

Seniors Helping Seniors Home Care Services – Tonbridge, Malling and Sevenoaks can provide the Respite Care you need. One of our kind and compassionate companion carers can look after your loved one while you take some time away, whether this be a one-off trip or regular breaks.

Our clients are reassured by a couple of promises we make:

  1. Punctuality. We come when you book us! We will arrive at the time we promised. This means you can reliably book things for yourself, and you can prepare your loved one with confidence.
  2. The same people visit. Your loved one will come to trust and enjoy the company of our carers.
  3. You have a choice. If your loved one does not take to a particular carer for any reason, we will introduce another person – no one is offended!

Respite Care can allow time to maintain the other important relationships in life, perhaps with children, grandchildren, friends, clients and even pets. Respite Care looks different for every family. Some need alone time whilst others want more time for hobbies such as a game of golf, a keep fit class or a weekly swim. Respite Care can also provide the opportunity to start tackling the ever-growing job list. Others may appreciate time for medical appointments, to learn something new, or to just rest and have an afternoon nap, knowing someone else is responsible.

For your loved one, it can be time for encouraging beneficial social interaction. Taking account of preferred interests, it can be time for sharing stories, talking about current affairs, engaging with a movie or enjoying a game of cards.

It is natural for family carers to feel guilty about Respite Care but clinicians and friends who know you best will be telling you it’s imperative.

Respite Care from Seniors Helping Seniors is certainly a positive experience.

How respite care works at Seniors Helping Seniors

The first meeting is to learn about your loved one’s needs and interests. This meeting is free of charge. We carefully match a companion carer. We come back to personally introduce the carer. Service starts when you are ready. You pay a fixed hourly fee when service starts.

We are experienced with anxieties and we work with you. Very soon the client will form positive relationships with the carer. Even if recall is an issue and activities during the respite visit are not remembered, the feeling of fulfilment and having been happy for that time will be evident. The carer will update you properly of course.

Respite Care can also include other home help services such as light housekeeping and food preparation. Having less chores means more time for enjoyment with your family member.

Communication is essential between loved one, family, carer and the office. This enables us to provide quality person centred care.

We have clients tell us how happy and rejuvenated their loved one seems after our visits, and we put this down to the experience and respect our carers have.

One family shared: “All staff are great. Thank you so much everyone. Mum and I can really relax knowing  Dad  is in good hands.”

Seniors Helping Seniors Home Care Services – Tonbridge, Malling and Sevenoaks is here to help. Please contact us for further information:


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